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Consult our selection of holiday apartments Seville for your break in this fantastic corner of Andalusia. An apartment in Seville is a fun and exciting alternative to a hotel as you'll be afforded greater space and intimacy.

If you are travelling with friends or family, you will all enjoy staying together with the extra space and facilities that an apartment has over a hotel room. Your own kitchen and living room as well as spacious bathrooms and bedrooms! Some also come with the added luxury of gardens and swimming pools. Renting a Seville apartment is ideal for a relaxing break in the Andaluz capital with much more freedom to come and go as you please.

There are apartments available in the heart of the historic centre of Seville, as well as the famous areas of the city such as Triana, Los Remedios and La Macarena. There are also apartments available for those in Seville on business, close to the Santa Justa train station, from which you can also catch bus connections to the airport.

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  • Reference:jose04

    Fabulous penthouse apartment for rent in Seville, Spain. Enjoy wonderful views of the Giralda cathedral and a large...

    Desde 70 €

    70 €

    Reference: jose04
  • Reference:nayi07

    Apartment in the historical center of Seville in Calle Ciriaco Esteban. There are one bedroom, living room with...

    Desde 54 €

    54 €

    Reference: nayi07
  • Reference:else03

    Holiday apartment in Seville a few steps from the historical and monumental centre of the city. Situated opposite...

    Desde 42 €

    42 €

    Reference: else03
  • Reference:apse01

    Apartment in Seville center in the area of La Macarena. Close to Isla Mágica and a few meters from the Plaza de...

    Desde 61 €

    61 €

    Reference: apse01
  • Reference:apse03

    Nice apartment near Isla Magica in Seville. With good communication and ability to walk to the tourist and cultural...

    Desde 61 €

    61 €

    Reference: apse03
  • Reference:bsc02

    The apartments in Backpackers Sevilla Centre are for a maximum of two people.The shared accommodation has bathroom,...

    Desde 67 €

    67 €

    Reference: bsc02
  • Reference:metropolis

    Holiday apartments in the historic centre of Sevilla, in Puerta Real, a short walk the main tourist attractions...

    Desde 81 €

    81 €

    Reference: metropolis
  • Reference:nayi09

    Spacious 5 bedroom apartment situated in area La Campana, in the heart of Seville. The apartment offer Free WIFI...

    Desde 136 €

    136 €

    Reference: nayi09
  • Reference:mase10

    Desde 109 €

    109 €

    Reference: mase10
  • Reference:wase01

    Desde 69 €

    69 €

    Reference: wase01
  • Reference:juse02

    Desde 90 €

    90 €

    Reference: juse02
  • Reference:ense02

    Desde 43 €

    43 €

    Reference: ense02
  • Reference:frse03

    Desde 94 €

    94 €

    Reference: frse03
  • Reference:frse05

    Desde 76 €

    76 €

    Reference: frse05
  • Reference:fase01

    Desde 70 €

    70 €

    Reference: fase01
  • Reference:glse03

    Desde 113 €

    113 €

    Reference: glse03
  • Reference:bsc01

    Desde 93 €

    93 €

    Reference: bsc01
  • Reference:rose04

    Desde 125 €

    125 €

    Reference: rose04
  • Reference:mase07

    Desde 50 €

    50 €

    Reference: mase07
  • Reference:mase06

    Desde 52 €

    52 €

    Reference: mase06
  • Reference:pese001

    Desde 83 €

    83 €

    Reference: pese001
  • Reference:rose03

    Desde 125 €

    125 €

    Reference: rose03
  • Reference:frse04

    Desde 76 €

    76 €

    Reference: frse04
  • Reference:sese03

    Desde 97 €

    97 €

    Reference: sese03

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