How to get to Seville, Andalusia, Spain

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How to get to

Here?s how to get to Sevilla by plane, coach, train and car. Sevilla is one of the best connected cities in the country, you can get here by any means of transport and from anywhere in the world.

In this section, how to get to Sevilla, you will find information about the most popular ways to get to Sevilla: by car, coach, train or plane, and we?ll even tell you how to get here by boat on the Guadalquivir.

Sevilla is connected with the country?s main roads, like the AP4, the A92, and the A4 that links it with the rest of Spain. The nearest provinces to Sevilla are Huelva, Córdoba, Cádiz, Málaga and Granada.

During your holiday in Sevilla you can hire a car to move around the city with ease, from this page you can book your car, that way you can visit both tourist resorts and great beaches.

The approximate distances from the centre of Sevilla to these other cities are:
- Huelva 100 kilometres.
- Cádiz 130 kilometres.
- Córdoba 160 kilometres.
- Málaga 220 kilometres.
- Granada a 250 kilometres.
- Madrid 560 kilometres.

As the capital of Andalucía Sevilla has its own international airport, this links the city to all the world?s main cities.
On this page you can find detailed information regarding flights and general information regarding the airport, and book your flights online.

If you prefer to arrive by train, Sevilla has a big train station, The Santa Justa. There is an AVE, high speed train line and also a modern local train line that connect Sevilla with other towns and provinces in Spain.

You can get to Sevilla by coach, as it has two bus stations, the Plaza de Armas and the Prado de San Sebastian.

At a local level, in the Sevilla province and city, there is also a great network of public transport that you will be able to use to get around the city quickly and easily during your holiday.

You can use the underground or the tram, very new and modern, both to get around the city and to visit surrounding towns. There are also bus lines that will help you get to any district or town in Sevilla.

You can actually also get to Sevilla by boat, as the Guadalquivir is a navigable river from its estuary in Sanlucar de Barrameda till it reaches the city of Sevilla.

Sevilla has a large port, used mainly for merchandise transport, but passenger boats also use it. There are companies that offer interesting river cruises.

All these means of transport will help you get to Sevilla, but will also be of great use while you are here, helping you to also visit other tourist cities.
As you can see there are plenty of options when it comes to getting to Sevilla, you can choose from any means of transport.

Flights to Sevilla San Pablo

Flight durationOperators Daily flights First arrivalLast arrivalfrom
Los Ángeles - Sevilla San Pablo 1d 01h 40mBritish Airways119:1019:101 674 €
Atenas - Sevilla San Pablo 11h 50mTap Portugal Air819:4019:40195 €
Franz Josef Strauss - Sevilla San Pablo 07h 45mEuropa Air318:3022:0590 €
Hamburg - Sevilla San Pablo 05h 15mVueling Airlines220:4022:20119 €
Luxembourg - Sevilla San Pablo 08h 45mLufthansa319:4019:40131 €
Turin Caselle - Sevilla San Pablo 08h 05mKLM619:5019:5095 €
Pamplona - Sevilla San Pablo 06h 10mIberia2008:1020:30217 €
Helsinki Vantaa - Sevilla San Pablo 06h 45mKLM219:5019:50125 €
Vigo - Sevilla San Pablo 03h 10mIberia1408:3523:0580 €
Gothenburg - Sevilla San Pablo 09h 30mLufthansa119:4019:40221 €
Madrid Barajas - Sevilla San Pablo 03h 25mVueling Airlines1708:3522:2050 €
Santiago de Compostela - Sevilla San Pablo 11h 45mIberia308:3511:0045 €
Buenos Aires - Sevilla San Pablo 17h 25mEuropa Air1700:1023:15625 €
Colonia Bonn - Sevilla San Pablo 17h 10mLufthansa712:0512:05517 €
Marrakech - Sevilla San Pablo 08h 30mIberia409:2523:05118 €
Domodedovo - Sevilla San Pablo 15h 20mTap Portugal Air119:4019:40165 €
Marco Polo - Sevilla San Pablo 05h 55mVueling Airlines518:3522:2081 €
Graz - Sevilla San Pablo 10h 40mLufthansa500:1021:35300 €
Zürich - Sevilla San Pablo 10h 00mVueling Airlines319:3522:2089 €
Dubrovnik - Sevilla San Pablo 12h 15mLufthansa219:4019:40175 €
A Coruña - Sevilla San Pablo 01h 20mIberia1208:3522:2045 €
Hannover - Sevilla San Pablo 08h 15mTap Portugal Air1219:4019:40195 €
Toulouse Blagnac - Sevilla San Pablo 19h 00mBrussels Airlines212:5012:50154 €
Lyon Saint Exupéry - Sevilla San Pablo 08h 40mBritish Airways418:4518:4582 €
Barcelona El Prat - Sevilla San Pablo 05h 25mIberia1009:2516:5540 €
Tenerife Sur - Sevilla San Pablo 08h 00mIberia1708:1023:0586 €
Cairo - Sevilla San Pablo 12h 30mBritish Airways1018:4523:05354 €
Almeria Aeropuerto - Sevilla San Pablo 01h 00mIberia2008:1023:0565 €
Guarulhos - Sevilla San Pablo 19h 10mIberia209:3523:051 081 €
Florence Peretola - Sevilla San Pablo 08h 05mIberia1108:3523:0563 €
* This information is for orientation purposes. Use our search feature to check the most current list of routes/excursions.

Flights from Sevilla San Pablo

Flight durationOperators Daily flights First departureLast departurefrom
Sevilla San Pablo - Genève Cointrin 04h 30mIberia1706:5521:1567 €
Sevilla San Pablo - GdańskZechowo 13h 25mSmartwings622:1522:15316 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Arturo Merino Benítez 20h 05mTap Portugal Air120:2020:20792 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Ljubljana Brnik 06h 15mIberia1106:5523:00688 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Marseille Provence 13h 15mBritish Airways106:5506:5543 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Schkeuditz 12h 30mIberia706:5517:35466 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Stuttgart 10h 48mTap Portugal Air211:2011:20125 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Tenerife Sur 16h 15mVueling Airlines509:1021:1563 €
Sevilla San Pablo - El Dorado 15h 20m9B2006:1011:45660 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Asuncion 16h 50m9B2009:4519:15774 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Luxembourg 11h 15mKLM220:3020:30368 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Pulkovo 14h 40mIberia2010:3017:45346 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Loiu 01h 20mIberia908:0021:1572 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Valencia 01h 05mIberia1906:5523:0035 €
Sevilla San Pablo - José María Córdova 16h 15m9B2006:1011:45660 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Frankfurt 12h 55m9B1706:1021:0079 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Menorca 03h 20mIberia908:0021:1555 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Zagreb 10h 10mTap Portugal Air1411:2011:20281 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Krakow John Paul II 09h 40mBritish Airways406:5510:30261 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Helsinki Vantaa 06h 40mTap Portugal Air1111:2020:20140 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Ciudad del Cabo 1d 02h 15mIberia307:4507:45526 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Lyon Saint Exupéry 12h 45mBritish Airways1206:5510:3095 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Kyiv Zhuliany 07h 40mBritish Airways119:4019:40229 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Queen Alia 14h 30mBritish Airways406:5506:55360 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Pinto Martins 11h 30mTap Portugal Air411:2020:20582 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Palermo 09h 20mTap Portugal Air711:2011:20113 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Alicante El Altet 10h 55mIberia1107:0021:1585 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Paris Charles de Gaulle 02h 25mIberia1306:3021:1535 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Praha Ruzyně 04h 45mIberia1107:0021:15160 €
Sevilla San Pablo - Habana 14h 55m9B1406:1021:00734 €
* This information is for orientation purposes. Use our search feature to check the most current list of routes/excursions.

Airports with routes from Sevilla San Pablo

  • Sevilla San Pablo - Bordeaux Mérignac
  • Sevilla San Pablo - New York John F Kennedy
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Napoli
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Madrid Barajas
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Denver
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Rio de Janeiro
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Menorca
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Vienna
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Bologna Guglielmo Marconi
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Simon Bolivar Guayaquil
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Confins
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Barcelona El Prat
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Asturias
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Alicante El Altet
  • Sevilla San Pablo - El Dorado
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Berlin Brandenburg
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Sydney
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Fes Sais
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Brasilia
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Zürich
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Cali Alfonso Bonillaaragon
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Valencia
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Gothenburg
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Newcastle
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Ljubljana Brnik
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Istanbul Ataturk
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Franz Josef Strauss
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Sa Carneiro
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Nantes Atlantique
  • Sevilla San Pablo - Zaragoza


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  • The Prado de San Sebastian Bus Station can be found in the center of Seville, near Puerta de Jerez and the Maria...

    955 479 290

    Prado de San Sebastián, s/n 41005 SEVILLA

  • There are a daily bus from the airport to the center of Seville. This bus connects the San Pablo airport with the...

    Prado de San Sebastián

  • The Santa Justa train station of Seville is the most important railway station in Seville. It's situated near...

    Santa.Justa(+34)954.537.828 Estaciones(+34)902.432.343 Renfe(+34)902.320.320 Discapacidad(+34)902.240.505

    Avda. Kansas City, s/n

  • Comes is a bus company in Seville, the Andalusian capital linking with Cadiz and many of its villages and beaches....

    Sevilla....954.416.858 General...902.199.208

    Estación del Prado de San Sebastián, Plaza de San Sebastián, 1

  • 0034.954.62.22.22/ 0034.954.62.14.61


  • Atención al Cliente (0034) 902 320 320 - Información Ayuda Viajeros con discapacidad (0034) 902 240 505 - Información principales estaciones (0034) 902 43 23 43

    Avda. Kansas City, s/n

  • (34) 954 417 500

    Calle Lópe de Vega, nº 6

  • Plaza de Armas………….....954.902.368 Prado de San Sebastián......954.988.222

    c/ Manuel Vázquez Sagastizábal, s/n

  • Atención al Cliente 0034.902.32.0 3.20 Ayuda Viajeros con discapacidad 0034.902.24.0 5.05 Información principales estaciones 0034.902.43.23.43

    Avda. Kansas City, s/n

  • Atención.............(0034)902.320. 320 Discapacitados..(0034)902.240.505 Estaciones..........(0034)902.432.343

    Av. Kansas City, s/n

  • 954 444 900 - 902 404 704

    Aeropuerto de San Pablo Ctra. Nacional IV, km. 32

  • (0034)954.485. 254 - (0034)902.240.202

    C/ Enramadilla, nº 25 (Frente al Edificio Viapol)

  • 954 908 040 - 954 907 737

    Avda. Cristo de la Expiración, s/n

  • 0034.954.58.00.00/ 0034.954.57.11.11


  • 0034.954.67.55.55

  • 0034.954.47.60.60 0034.954.62.22.22

    Plaza Olimpia S/N

  • 954 908 040 - 954 908 280

    Avda. Cristo de la Expiración, s/n

  • 0034.954.42.04.03/ 0034.954.42.07.03

    Calle Manuel Vázquez Sagastizábal, nº 3

  • 954 907 800

    Avda, Cristo de la Expiración, s/n

  • Atención al Cliente 0034.902.32.0 3.20 Ayuda Viajeros con discapacidad 0034.902.24.0 5.05 Información principales estaciones 0034.902.43.23.43

    Avda. Kansas City, s/n

  • 954 901 160 - 902 229 292

    Avda. Cristo de la Expiración, s/n

  • Plaza Nueva

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