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Book your bus ticket to Sevilla! Here you will find useful information on how to get to Sevilla by bus. In the city you will find two major bus stations: Plaza de Armas and Prado de San Sebastián, both of which ate situated in the centre of the city.

Here you can book your bus ticket to Sevilla. We provide information on the various bus stations and major companies that provide this type of public transportation.

You can perform a detailed consultation on prices, times, dates, routes, finding direct links to companies and stations so you can complete your reservation quickly and easily.

Sevilla, due to its status as the capital of Andalusia, has two major bus stations, which connect the city with nearby provinces and the most important cities in Spain and even across Europe.

The Bus Station Plaza de Armas is the most modern regional bus station in Seville. It was opened when the city celebrated the Universal Exposition held in 1992.

It is possible to reach the Plaza de Armas bus station with the Damas, Casal, Socibus, Alsa or Linesur bus companies from cities such as Madrid, Lisbon, Huelva, Barcelona, ??Valencia, Alicante, Merida, Asturias, Galicia and northern Spain.

The second bus station in the centre of Sevilla is the Prado de San Sebastián station, directly connected to the city centre via tram.

You can reach the Prado de San Sebastián station with the Alsa and Linesur bus companies from all major towns in the province of Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Cadiz, Jaen, Malaga, Almeria, Jerez de la Frontera, Algeciras, Ronda and Marbella.

Bus transport is very economical and buses currently offer many additional services, making it a very comfortable way to travel. An ideal choice for young travellers and couples ... and especially convenient if you are travelling from the provinces closest to Seville.

Check all information on this affordable form of public transport. You can view extra information about the two bus stations in the city and details of the most important companies that offer connections to and from Seville.

If, however, you are not convinced by this form of transport, you can also consult the relevant information we offer on other public transport such as flights and trains.

If you are interested in visiting Sevilla, please consult our extensive accommodation offer with numerous apartments, hostels, hotels and holiday homes available ...all cheap and central!

Bus routes to Seville

Route durationOperators Daily routes First arrivalLast arrivalfrom
Algeciras - Seville 03h 15mComes411:3019:4521 €
Málaga - Seville 02h 30mNex Continental909:4522:1519 €
Huelva - Seville 01h 10mDamas1908:0022:309 €
El Rocío - Seville 01h 45mDamas308:4520:006 €
Vila Real de Santo António - Seville 01h 15mEurolines401:1516:1525 €
Aachen - Seville 1d 06h 25mExportbus120:2520:25134 €
Ayamonte - Seville 02h 30mDamas509:1022:3014 €
Chiclana de la Frontera - Seville 01h 30mComes510:1519:4512 €
Tarbes - Seville 15h 40mExportbus120:2520:2589 €
Jerez de la Frontera - Seville 01h 00mComes710:1519:009 €
Conil de la Frontera - Seville 02h 45mComes110:1510:1514 €
Barbate - Seville 03h 25mComes110:1510:1518 €
Tarifa - Seville 02h 45mComes411:3019:4520 €
La Luisiana - Seville 01h 00mNex Continental111:5511:556 €
Almonte - Seville 01h 15mDamas608:4520:055 €
Isla Cristina - Seville 02h 30mDamas710:1522:3013 €
Givors - Seville 1d 00h 45mExportbus218:3018:30125 €
Castilleja del Campo - Seville 00h 40mDamas508:0020:003 €
Faro - Seville 03h 30mExportbus1600:3022:1527 €
Almería - Seville 05h 00mNex Continental413:0023:3037 €
Canos de Meca - Seville 02h 10mComes511:1523:1016 €
Matalascanas - Seville 01h 30mDamas808:4522:008 €
Cadiz - Seville 01h 45mComes908:4523:0013 €
Dijon - Seville 1d 02h 10mExportbus120:2520:25117 €
Rota - Seville 01h 45mComes410:1519:0011 €
* This information is for orientation purposes. Use our search feature to check the most current list of routes/excursions.

Bus routes from Seville

Route durationOperators Daily routes First departureLast departurefrom
Seville - Grândola 04h 31mExportbus513:3023:5945 €
Seville - Lagos 03h 15mExportbus908:3020:3020 €
Seville - Matalascanas 01h 15mDamas1008:1520:308 €
Seville - Canos de Meca 02h 10mComes409:2021:1516 €
Seville - Carmona 00h 30mNex Continental309:0022:003 €
Seville - Conil de la Frontera 02h 35mComes112:5012:5014 €
Seville - Algeciras 03h 30mComes409:3020:0021 €
Seville - Porto 11h 16mExportbus223:3023:5968 €
Seville - Zahara de los Atunes 03h 30mComes112:5012:5019 €
Seville - Cadiz 01h 45mComes907:0021:3014 €
Seville - Barbate 03h 15mComes112:5012:5018 €
Seville - Isla Cristina 02h 30mDamas608:3019:3013 €
Seville - El Rocío 01h 35mDamas308:1518:006 €
Seville - Ginés 00h 15mDamas609:0020:001 €
Seville - Málaga 02h 30mNex Continental1007:1519:3019 €
Seville - Chiclana de la Frontera 01h 30mComes509:3020:0012 €
Seville - Rota 02h 00mComes410:4519:1511 €
Seville - Lyon 23h 45mExportbus209:4509:45109 €
Seville - La Línea de la Concepción 04h 00mComes409:3020:0024 €
Seville - Tarifa 02h 55mComes409:3020:0020 €
Seville - Puerto Real 01h 15mComes409:3020:0011 €
Seville - Jerez de la Frontera 01h 15mComes710:4521:309 €
Seville - El Puerto de Santa María 01h 30mComes312:5022:0010 €
Seville - Vejer de la Frontera 02h 55mComes112:5012:5016 €
Seville - Montpellier 21h 55mExportbus109:4509:4597 €
* This information is for orientation purposes. Use our search feature to check the most current list of routes/excursions.


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  • The Prado de San Sebastian Bus Station can be found in the center of Seville, near Puerta de Jerez and the Maria Luisa Park. The station is not very big and as such is not a comfortable place to wait a...

    955 479 290

    Prado de San Sebastián, s/n 41005 SEVILLA

  • There are a daily bus from the airport to the center of Seville. This bus connects the San Pablo airport with the most important points in Seville. Passing by the train station of Santa Justa, the Nervión...

    Prado de San Sebastián

  • Comes is a bus company in Seville, the Andalusian capital linking with Cadiz and many of its villages and beaches. All lines goes from the bus station Prado de San Sebastián. These buses goes to cities...

    Sevilla....954.416.858 General...902.199.208

    Estación del Prado de San Sebastián, Plaza de San Sebastián, 1

  • Plaza de Armas: 954.902.368 y Prado de San Sebastián: 954.988.222

    c/ Manuel Vázquez Sagastizábal, s/n

  • 954 907 800

    Avda, Cristo de la Expiración, s/n

  • 954 908 040 - 954 907 737

    Avda. Cristo de la Expiración, s/n

  • 954 901 160 - 902 229 292

    Avda. Cristo de la Expiración, s/n

  • 954 908 040 - 954 908 280

    Avda. Cristo de la Expiración, s/n

  • 902 21 03 17

    Carretera Dos Hermanas - Isla Menor, Km. 2,3

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