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Seville (Sevilla in Spanish) is one of the most important cities in Andalusia. The province borders with Huelva, Cadiz, Malaga, Cordoba and Badajoz.

Seville is the capital of Andalusia, with a population of more than one million people. The city is famous for the passionate 'Semana Santa', the 'Feria de Abril', and above all, its art and culture.

Seville also hosted the 1992 World Expo, an event that changed the city. This is one of the top destinations that we want, since it has many museums, theatres, cinemas, flamenco shows, restaurants and shops. You will find many activities to enjoy here, with a solid offer of leisure, culture, sports, nightlife, gastronomy, shopping, festivals, and of course a wide variety of holiday accommodation.

The city also has numerous parks and gardens to stroll around, enjoying stunning sights such as La Giralda Cathedral and the 'Torre del Oro', two emblems of the city, visible from many points of Seville, including some of the many hotels, apartments, hostels or holiday homes that can accommodate you during your stay. The River Guadalquivir or the Cartuja Island are two other emblems of Seville.

It is a city with neighbourhoods that breathe art in its purest form, the district of La Macarena is one of them, as well as Heliopolis or Nervion with its clear trend of soccer with Betis and Sevilla FC. The 'Barrio de Triana' and 'Los Remedios' are two historic districts of the city. UNESCO has even designated world heritage status to monuments such as La Giralda, the Alcazar and the Archivo de Indias.

Sevilla has hundreds of things to do, walk along the River Guadalquivir, or enjoy the sun on a terrace, golf, canoeing, visit the cathedral, walk through the Alcazar or the Parque Maria Luisa Park, enjoy the theme park at Isla Magica Aquopolis or simply experience Holy Week and the Feria de Abril.

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