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The Prado de San Sebastian Bus Station can be found in the center of Seville, near Puerta de Jerez and the Maria Luisa Park. The station is not very big and as such is not a comfortable place to wait a long time. There is a cafeteria and bars nearby, so there's always a possibility to have a snack while waiting for the departure of our bus.

From here buses arrive and depart to various provinces of Andalusia (Cadiz, Huelva, Malaga), as well as other important places within Seville province and other Spanish provinces including Madrid. However, the majority of the destinations start from Plaza de Armas Bus Station.
Some of the companies which operate from the Prado de San Sebastian Bus Station in Seville are Comes, Casal, Los Amarillos, and Alsa.

By Bus: the following buses make stops here: C1, C2, 37, 25, 26, 38, 22, 28, 29 and EA, among others.
By Metro: stop “Prado de San Sebastian”
By Tram: Line T1 (Plaza Nueva – San Bernardo)
By Taxi: at the entrance to the station
By Train: San Bernardo stop

The special Seville Airport shuttle bus EA “Plaza de Armas – Aeropuerto” also stops here. You can check the timetable from this link. In addition just nearby is the train station “San Bernardo” where you can buy your Cercanias or Regional train ticket to nearby cities such as Dos Hermanos, or Cadiz. Not all trains that depart Santa Justa Station have a stop at San Bernardo Station.

Interesting Facts:
The building is included on the list of Andalusia Historical Heritage. The project was designed by D. Rodrigo Medina Benjumea in 1938 and built between 1941 – 1942.

.- Cafeteria
.- Luggage storage lockers
.- Multilingual loudspeaker system
.- Information panel for the visually impaired
.- Buy your bus tickets here and come enjoy Seville!

BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE BUS and come to enjoy Seville.


These are the contact details of Seville Bus Station | Prado de San Sebastian, so you can make your reservation or ask any questions.

Address: Prado de San Sebastián, s/n 41005 SEVILLA

Telephone/Fax 955 479 290





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Bus routes to Seville

Route durationOperators Daily routes First arrivalLast arrivalfrom
Isla Cristina - Seville 02h 30mDamas710:1522:3013 €
Aznalcázar - Seville 00h 35mDamas608:4520:053 €
Hinojos - Seville 01h 00mDamas608:4520:054 €
Orléans - Seville 21h 25mExportbus120:2520:2599 €
Conil de la Frontera - Seville 02h 45mComes110:1510:1514 €
Chiclana de la Frontera - Seville 01h 30mComes510:1519:4512 €
Villacarrillo - Seville 05h 00mBacoma307:1520:4027 €
Cadiz - Seville 01h 45mComes908:4523:0013 €
Cartaya - Seville 02h 00mDamas1209:1022:3011 €
Jerez de la Frontera - Seville 01h 00mComes710:1519:009 €
Barbate - Seville 03h 25mComes110:1510:1518 €
Vejer de la Frontera - Seville 03h 10mComes110:1510:1516 €
Huelva - Seville 01h 10mDamas1908:0022:309 €
Tarifa - Seville 02h 45mComes411:3019:4520 €
Bollullos de la Mitación - Seville 00h 20mDamas608:4520:052 €
La Palma - Seville 01h 05mDamas508:0020:005 €
Lepe - Seville 02h 10mDamas1209:1022:3011 €
Oviedo - Seville 10h 45mEnatcar407:3523:5061 €
Burguillos - Seville 00h 50mDamas108:4008:402 €
Écija - Seville 01h 00mNex Continental310:3520:407 €
Aracena - Seville 01h 15mDamas309:0017:358 €
Matalascanas - Seville 01h 30mDamas808:4522:008 €
El Rocío - Seville 01h 45mDamas308:4520:006 €
Rota - Seville 01h 45mComes410:1519:0011 €
Algeciras - Seville 03h 15mComes411:3019:4521 €
Santander - Seville 12h 20mEnatcar121:5021:5057 €
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Bus routes from Seville

Route durationOperators Daily routes First departureLast departurefrom
Seville - Zahara de los Atunes 03h 30mComes112:5012:5019 €
Seville - Matalascanas 01h 15mDamas1008:1520:308 €
Seville - Craiova 1d 08h 45mSainz Tour100:1500:1593 €
Seville - Barbate 03h 15mComes112:5012:5018 €
Seville - Carmona 00h 30mNex Continental309:0022:003 €
Seville - Tarifa 02h 55mComes409:3020:0020 €
Seville - Rota 02h 00mComes410:4519:1511 €
Seville - Vejer de la Frontera 02h 55mComes112:5012:5016 €
Seville - Ayamonte 02h 45mDamas607:3020:3014 €
Seville - Aroche 02h 40mDamas209:3016:0012 €
Seville - Cordova 01h 45mNex Continental708:3022:0012 €
Seville - Calañas 02h 35mDamas116:0016:009 €
Seville - Cartaya 02h 05mDamas1207:3020:3011 €
Seville - Benavente 08h 30mEnatcar307:0020:3047 €
Seville - Puerto Real 01h 15mComes409:3020:0011 €
Seville - La Luisiana 00h 45mNex Continental108:3008:306 €
Seville - Jerez de la Frontera 01h 15mComes710:4521:309 €
Seville - Málaga 02h 30mNex Continental1007:1519:3019 €
Seville - Cadiz 01h 45mComes907:0021:3014 €
Seville - Écija 01h 00mNex Continental408:3018:307 €
Seville - Algeciras 03h 30mComes409:3020:0021 €
Seville - Pontevedra 13h 15mDainco119:0019:0060 €
Seville - Conil de la Frontera 02h 35mComes112:5012:5014 €
Seville - El Rocío 01h 35mDamas308:1518:006 €
Seville - Chiclana de la Frontera 01h 30mComes509:3020:0012 €
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